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3 Havens Unit Officers Return To Work After Excessive Force Incident

Three correctional officers returned to work this week after being investigated for use of excessive force. 

In March 2018, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice investigated five correctional officers at the TR Havins Unit for using excessive force or for not reporting the use of excessive force. The incident occurred March 2nd when Lieutenant Denton grabbed an inmate’s shirt and pushed him into a wall. 

One office resigned prior to the investigation and another officer resigned later.

TDCJ recommended the three Brownwood Correctional Officers at the TR Havins Unit be dismissed. However, after mediation, the three officers will instead return to their jobs with full pay and one year employee probation. 

TDCJ states that a correctional officer used “excessive or unnecessary force non-provoked” without causing serious injuries.  The other officers failed to report the use of excessive force.

An anonymous source reported that Denton wanted everyone to keep quiet and not report the incident. Employees who see or hear the use of excessive force is required to report it.

TDCJ has not released the details of the internal investigation.

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