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Still Time to Order Our Parole Book for Christmas!

The one thing that prisoners have is plenty of time and not enough to do to fill it. In addition, the holiday season is particularly hard since it really drives home the fact they are missing from their loved ones.

How Does A Parolee Get Home When Released From Prison?

On the day the offender is to be paroled, the parolee will be taken to the nearest bus station with a bus voucher. The bus voucher allows the transport company to take the parolee to the bus station nearest

Now Is the Time to Prepare Parole Packets

Now is the time to prepare a Texas parole packet. TexasParoleNow offers easy, step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a Texas Parole Packet.

Diligent Participation Credit For State Jail Felony

A person convicted of a State Jail Felony in Texas can be eligible for Diligent Participation Credit for early release.

Just Released- 2017 Version of Understanding The Texas Parole Process

The 2017 Edition of our free ebook Understanding The Texas Parole Process is now available.

When is an Inmate Eligible for Parole?

The process for parole begins at the sentencing.  Parole eligibility is based on the sentence type, amount of time served, and good time accumulated.