A Decrease in Budget is a Factor in More Texas Paroles Being Granted

Decrease Budget a Factor in More Paroles Being Granted
Decrease Budget a Factor in More Paroles Being Granted

While the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (aka the Texas prison system) has not released their parole figures for 2018, it does appear paroles are being granted at a higher rate than is traditional.

A part of this is likely due to a decrease in the budget but another consideration is the growing public sentiment toward alternatives to incarceration as well as recognition that the entire justice system is broken, at least to some degree.

Of course, Texas is less forward thinking than many states in this matter. Years ago, the politicians chose to take the easy way out and built many new prisons as well as signing contracts with all of the private prison corporations. The federal government is now using many of these to house immigrants in various situations.

That comes with some good news however. Since local prosecutors aren’t likely to reduce the number of cases they pursue, the only way to reduce the non-immigrant prison population is to grant more paroles.

However, the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole will still need a reason they can put into their files so parole can be justified for any particular offender.

That is the primary reason preparing a Texas Parole Packet is so important. It allows an offender a way to distinguish themselves from other potential parolees and demonstrate they have reformed and will now be a productive member of society.

Our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet , provides a time tested method of increasing the chances for parole, advises of what works as well as how to avoid making mistakes, and has a number of forms included.

If you have an incarcerated loved one, we suggest you take a look at our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet. The book provides easy to follow instructions and forms for creating a Texas parole package.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available in ebook format as an instant download or in bundled form with an ebook and a printed book to be sent to an offender in prison or someone at home. Since we are an approved vendor there are no issues receiving our books at any of the Texas jails or prisons.

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