How Does A Parolee Get Home When Released From Prison?

How Does A Parolee Get Home When Released From Prison?

We get a lot of questions from friends and family of incarcerated individuals. One question that recently came up was “How will my husband get home when he is paroled?”

This is an excellent question.

On the day the offender is to be paroled, the parolee will be taken to the nearest Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) contracted bus station with a bus voucher. The bus voucher instructs the transport company to take the parolee to the bus station nearest the parolee’s approved residence. In most cases the parolee is released in the county or city of his or her legal residence.

However, friends and family members may arrange to meet and pick up the parolee at the releasing site and drive the parolee to the approved residence.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice can release some parolees to a halfway house, treatment center, or other alternate facility if needed or if it is a condition of parole.

Prior to the parolee being released, the Institutional Parole Officer will interview the offender and family members to ensure the parolee has a suitable place to live once released.

Establishing a good “parole plan” is beneficial in helping the parolee reintegrate back into society. The parole plan specifies where and with whom the parolee will live, employment opportunities which can be pursued by the parolee or which are already in place, and support groups the parolee will attend.

Our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet contains beneficial information to help the offender, along with a friend and/or family members to create a comprehensive parole packet which includes a parole plan and increases the offenders chances of parole.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available as an instant download in an ebook or as a bundle with an ebook and printed copy. The printed copy can be mailed to you or to someone in prison so they can help prepare the parole packet.

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