Hurricane Harvey

An announcement released today by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice stated they are taking steps to protect supervised offenders and prison staff as hurricane Harvey bears down on Texas.

Executive Director Bryan Collier said, "This is something that we prepare for each year. Our command center is operating around the clock and we stand ready."

Currently there are no plans to evacuate any units in Harvey's path. Units potentially affected by Hurricane Harvey (specifically McConnell and Garza) have stocked up on additional food, water, medications and other necessary items. If power is interrupted, bulk fuel and generators can be utilized. Additional resources and staff are in  the impact area of hurricane Harvey.

Given the storm's current projections, offenders at secure facilities will shelter in place. The department is continuing to monitor the storm and is prepared to make necessary adjustments as needed.

Individuals on supervised release in affected areas will report to an evacuation address that is compliant with their supervision that was previously provided. High risk parolees are being moved to facilities out of area.

Visitation maybe impacted because of the storm. Visitors are encouraged to call units prior to making travel plans.

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