Inmates at Ramsey Unit Illegally Target With Quota System

Illegal Quota System at Ramsey Unit

Texas authorities are investigating dozens of disciplinary reports against inmates at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas after a report of a quota system that required correctional officers to write up prisoners or face disciplinary actions.

Allegations of a quota system leaked via email about unfair disciplinary practices at the Ramsey Unit.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice reported the quota system was quickly abandoned and was limited to only the Ramsey Unit.

A TDCJ spokesman said, “There is not and never will be any agency policy that sanctions the use of quotas of any kind. This incident is the result of the action of one unit captain.” Any disciplinary cases connected with the quota system will be thrown out and all punishment rescinded.

Captain Reginald Gilbert of the Ramsey Unit issued the quota effective March 10, 2018, stating that each Sergeant will be required to turn in at least two written cases for violations of unit policies. He wrote that “Two each day is my requirement. Remember this is to be done each workday without exception.”

Gilbert went on to state that any Sergeant who missed their daily quota would face consequences ranging from documenting the oversight on an employee performance review to formal disciplinary action.

On April 25th, Warden Virgil McMullen sent out a message notifying staff that any quota system is a violation of Texas Department of Criminal Justice rules. He stated, “We DO NOT and WILL NOT have case quotas at the Ramsey Unit.”

At this time it is not clear whether Captain Gilbert will face any disciplinary actions for his role in instituting the quota system.

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