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Judge Orders Texas to Reduce Temperatures in Prison

With all of Texas under an official heat advisory a federal judge has given state prison officials 15 days to come up with a plan to lower the temperature to 88 degrees inside the Wallace Pack Unit in Navasota, Texas.

Approximately 500 inmates with a variety of health conditions or are at least 65 year old are incarcerated at the Pack Unit.

Figures show that 22 inmates have died of heat stroke since 1998 although none were at the Pack Unit.

The order does not mandate installation of air conditioning in the prison, prison officials can reconfigure prison areas already cooled to accomodat4e those inmates or move them to other state prisons. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the ruling disappointing stating “Texas taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars to pay for expensive prison air conditioning system which are not necessary.”

Texas officials plan to appeal the decision.

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