Kyle Unit Offenders Stitch Toys

Kyle Unit Offenders Stitch Toys

Offenders at Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Kyle Unit have been participating in Operation Stitch-A-Smile, bringing the gift of a smile to a child.

Operation Stitch-A-Smile teaches offenders how to make crocheted toys which are donated to the Kyle Police Department and local charities throughout the year. At any given time, there can be up to 60 offenders participating in the program.

Offenders are allowed to make the crocheted animals in their cells and dayrooms. Since its inception, they have made over a thousand toys that have made their way into children’s hands at hospitals, women’s shelters, crime scenes and charity events.

Kyle Unit is a TDCJ unit for substance abuse offenders. Every inmate at the Kyle facility has struggled with alcohol or drugs in the past. Crocheting stuffed animals is a way to keep them focused, quiet their minds, and keep their hands busy.

Each inmate receives a few short lessons before they begin making their animals. Each lesson goes over the pattern and work stitch-by-stitch to make various animals. As a perk, for every 10 animals created by an inmate, they are able to keep one and send to a family member.

The yarn used for their projects is all donated. If you would like to donate to their cause you can do so by dropping off the yarn at their facility at 23001 I-35 in Kyle.

Any prisoner participating in the program should keep a record of their job duties and how the program has allowed them to increase their self worth as well as how it can help them to in the outside. It will also make an excellent addition to the parole packet, which is important in being granted parole.

Offenders can learn more about the best way to submit a Texas Parole Packet, the information it should contain, as well as forms and examples from our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet. How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is available as a downloadable e-book in PDF format or as a bundle containing both a printed book (which can be mailed to an inmate) and also a downloadable PDF. The bundle will allow both the offender and someone on the outside to work together to prepare the packet.


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