Mistrial for Former Parole Commissioner in Tampering Case

A mistrial was declared by a jury in Walker County after deliberating for more than five hours.  Jurors could not reach a verdict in the trial of a former state parole official accused of falsifying government documents.

Former Parole Commissioner Pamela Freeman was facing five counts of tampering with government records with intent to defraud or harm another, which is a state jail felony, punishable up to two years in a state jail facility for each charge.

Freeman claimed in reports that five inmates "refused" their 20-year mandatory parole interview because they "went and ate chicken" instead of meeting her for their scheduled appointments at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Wynne Unit in Huntsville, Texas. 

Four of the five inmates testified during trial that they arrived early for their interview.  The inmates became worried when no one came to speak with them in the holding tank.  It was later revealed that Freeman lied and wrote in a parole interview memorandum that the inmates refused the interview.   

A jury of nine women and three men were split 8-4 in favor of a conviction.

District Attorney Stephanie Stroud said the case is not over. They plan to present the case again to another jury so that justice can be served.