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Now is the Time for a Perfect Parole Package

As we've mentioned before, the Texas prison system is facing some serious budget problems, even to the point of where they are considering closing some of the contracted prisons such as Mineral Wells. It is extremely unlikely that the budget will be as high has it has been in the past and the only way to reduce the budget is to reduce the number of prisoners. Since local courts aren't going to quit sentencing people and local jails are full, the only solution is for them to turn more people loose.

The parole packet can be the difference between making parole and getting a setoff , a serve all, or a DMS. As we discuss in our book,"How to Prepare a Parole Presentation Package", available as an eBook or in printed form at Rebellion Books, the voting members of the parole board only have a few minutes to review each file before voting, therefore anything that makes the file and the potential parolee stand out in a positive way increases the chances of parole being granted.

Parole letters, pictures, a parole plan, and other enclosures can make a huge difference, but anything at all can help. The most important thing is to prepare the package, don't just close your eyes and wish for the best.

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