Now Is the Time to Prepare Parole Packets

Now is the time to prepare a Texas parole packet.

By no means do we want to sound cruel and heartless but the simple fact is that at this point in time our legislator’s attentions are turned in other directions. Mandates from the federal agencies, disaster recovery issues, and an overall reduction in the amount of goods being produced in Texas will likely result in less tax dollars flowing through for a while which means less funding for things like prisons and prisoners.

Governor Abbott has indicated he won’t be calling a special session of the Texas Legislature to deal with these issues or, more importantly, tapping into the Texas Emergency Fund, until at least 2019.

A reduction in the prison budget means, just as it has before, that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will likely be granting more paroles and lowering their standards.

If you or your loved one are coming up on the time to submit your parole package, begin working on it NOW! The longer you have to work on it, the better it will be.

In addition, if you or your loved one are from one of the disaster zones it allows you a prime topic on which to play on the sympathy factor. Photos of the destruction in the neighborhood, letters of support from friends and relatives who can use the help the potential parolee can provide, as well as the family stability which is now needed can all be stressed (as explained in our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet).

Certainly, if a person isn’t eligible, the parole board isn’t going to break the rules and grant parole. However, as we’ve seen before, they will be much more lenient in releasing people when there is a shortage of guards to staff the units, not enough support staff, and have a reduced budget.

As I said, we cover this and other types of strategies, specific forms, and many other topics in our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet.

Our free book, Understanding the Texas Parole Process, does a good job of explaining how the Texas system works but it does not explain how to prepare the parole packet. Attorneys are now charging $2500 and up for providing a service which is essentially preparing a packet which can be prepared yourself. How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet provides easy, step-by-step instructions on preparing the packet as well as providing addresses on where it is to be sent.


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