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We have noticed that many of the email providers have “tightened” the setting on their emails. One result is that some of our emails, as well as those of other companies, are now being sent to SPAM folders even though we may have communicated in the past and even exchanged emails.

Since any customers who purchase How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet or any of the Guerrilla Guides to the Law are entitled to any updates free for a period of time, this email setting may prevent you from receiving the email with the download codes or the notifications.

We would ask you to add,, and to your list of contacts in your email program. This will ensure you receive the notice of updates which are included with your purchase.

We rarely send out emails other than update notices, but if at any time you wish to stop receiving emails from us if you will reply to any email and let us know we will promptly remove you from the list.

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