Sending Mail To An Inmate

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice encourages family members and friends to write often to incarcerated individuals. 

Writing a letter is a small and easy thing to do for those on the outside but it makes a huge difference to those receiving the letters.  Correspondence received while in prison makes them feel loved, and allows them to still be part of the family.

Once you send the first letter, each one that follows will be easier to write.

It is not only important to write the letter it is also important to write it in a way that allows the letter to pass inspection and is mailed properly.  Keep in mind that all mail received or sent while incarcerated will subject to inspection by prison employees and any questionable material will not be given to the offender.

All letters must include the following information on the outside of the envelope:

  • Complete return address (in the upper left hand corner of the envelope)
  • Offender's Name
  • TDCJ Number
  • Unit Name
  • Unit Address
  • City, State and Zip

All letters for offenders must be sent by U.S. Postal Service mail.   Letters for different offenders should not be included in the same envelope.  Those received like this will be destroyed and not returned to the sender.

Newspapers, magazines, and books may be mailed directly to offenders only by the publisher, publication supplier or bookstore.  Each publication is subject to review and rejection in accordance with the correspondence rules.  

Studies have shown that personal letters from friends and loved ones on the outside can create positive changes for inmates and help them stay focused and out of trouble which is important when in applying for parole.  

One way Texas Parole Now suggests to start correspondence is by helping the inmate create a parole packet.  Our guide to How To Create A Texas Parole Packet can be is a great gift to send to someone who is incarcerated.  The books provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an effective parole packet.  

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available in ebook format as an instant download or in bundled form with an ebook and a printed book to be sent to an offender in prison.  Since we are an approved vendor there are no issues receiving our books at any Texas jail or prison.  

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