Skills Learned in Prison Increase Successful Reintegrate Into Society

Skills Learned in Prison Increase Successful Reintegrate Into Society

One of the main functions of the Reentry and Integration Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is helping offenders reintegrate back into society once released on parole.

Finding employment on the outside is an important part of being granted parole and success after incarceration.

TDCJ’s Reentry and Integration Division runs a program called Website for Work. This program helps connect ex-offenders and offenders up for parole with employers looking for qualified applicants based on education, vocational training, certifications, and work experience.

“The intent of the website is to provide a mechanism for employers who recognize the value in those job skills and training,” said April Zamora, Director of TDCJ’s Reentry and Integration Division. “Such employers show that they’re willing to help members of their community by offering them a second chance through employment,” said Ms. Zamora.

Career fields include: agriculture, clerical, auto repair, business management, carpentry, commercial driver, customer service, drafting, electrician, food service, fork lift operator, graphic arts, HVAC, information technology, landscaping, machine operator, manufacturing, meat packing, mechanic, metal working, painting, pest control, physical therapy, and plumber.

“There are approximately 85,000 parolees currently on under supervision,” said Ms. Zamora. “Employment is a significant component in helping them get back on their feet and reducing their chances of returning to prison,” added Ms. Zamora.

 The Website for Work program serves the entire state of Texas and employers who hire an ex-offender within a year of their release from prison qualify for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

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Any offender participating in a prison program design to teach skills should keep a record of the skills learned and how the program has allowed them to increase their self worth as well as how it can help them to in the outside.

This information is an important part of a parole packet and being granted parole.

Offenders can learn more about the best way to submit a Texas Parole Packet, the information contained in the packet, as well as forms and examples from our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet. How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is available as a downloadable e-book in PDF format or as a bundle containing both a printed book (which can be mailed to an inmate) and also a downloadable PDF. The bundle will allow both the offender and someone on the outside to work together to prepare the packet.


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