Spending Father’s Day in Prison

Father's Day Behind Bars
Father's Day Behind Bars

Father’s Day should be a day to celebrate the love and sacrifice many fathers make for their family.  However, there are some fathers spend who cannot celebrate.  They are spending father’s day in prison.

Spending Father’ss Day in prison is tough on both the inmate as well as the kids. We urge you to take the day to go and visit the dad.  Spending time with Dad not only helps him keep his spirits up but also benefits the children.  

While every incarcerated father wants nothing more than to be released from prison; if that is not possible then the next thing they want is to know that the people on the outside still love and care about them.

It’s not too late to start working on their parole package and to send them a copy of our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package.  At the same time, you can work on their parole paperwork on the outside using the downloadable ebook that is included in the price.

The good news is that the chances for parole have increased. What this means is that if you can, hire a Texas parole lawyer but if that is beyond your means then everybody needs to do their parole packet!


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