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The Importance of a Parole Packet to Texas Parole

If you look at the number of parole reviews the voting members conduct , and divide that by the number of minutes they can work in a year, you quickly see that if they did nothing but look at parole applications, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, they would have about ten minutes each to review a complete file and make a decision. However, realistically, at least half or more of their time is spent on duties other than just a review of the files, thus reducing the actual time spent on each file to a likely time of 3-5 minutes. This is not a slam on the voting members of the Texas Department of Corrections Parole Board, the numbers are what the numbers are. The only solutions are for the state of Texas to 1) reduce the number of potential parolee or 2) hire more people. With the budget crunch and the public attitude neither of these is likely to occur, so all that we can look forward to with the number of prosecutions and prison time increasing as the courts "get tough" is for even less time to be given to each individual review.

Are Texas parole lawyers or Texas Parole attorneys a good investment? Certainly, if you have the funds. Even though we publish a book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, (instantly available by download) to assist people in making parole in Texas, it wasn't designed to persuade people not to hire a lawyer.  They provide a very valuable service and deserve to be compensated for their time. Unfortunately, sometimes the realities prevent families from being able to afford the fees.

A good Texas parole packet can make the difference between another year in prison and making it home though so everyone should spend the time and a little money to prepare as good a one as possible.

A properly prepared parole packet will allow the offender to stand out from the other files under review. More importantly, it allows the prisoner to become a person in the eyes of the member of the parole board about to cast their vote. Without a parole packet, all the voting member sees is the "mug shot" taken when the person first entered TDC, pale, shaved bald, and looking like a danger to society. This, along with materials from the police and the District Attorney do little to increase the chances of the Texas inmate being sent home to their loved ones.

The Texas Parole Package should be designed to provide the voting members with other information that allows them to see a person, instead of a Texas inmate.

Whether you invest in one of the Texas parole lawyers, use our book,  How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, and the forms and instructions inside  to educate yourself and prepare the packet, or start from scratch, the importance of a parole packet cannot be emphasized enough.



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