The Parole Packet


A thoroughly prepared parole packet should be submitted and be part of any parole consideration by the Texas Parole Board.

What is a Parole Packet?

A parole packet contains materials submitted to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole in support of an inmate with the goal of getting early release on parole. 

A parole packet is more than just support letters.  It contains a parole plan, support letters, offers of employment, certificates of achievement, awards, pictures, personal history and more.  

Purpose of a Parole Packet

The purpose of a parole packet is to create a positive image of the offender and demonstrate the offender is no longer a threat to public safety.  It should address the mistakes the inmate made and any attempts at redemption. The packet should demonstrate to the parole board the inmate has the taken responsibility for his or her actions and has been rehabilitated.  

Why A Parole Packet is Important

One reason the parole pack is important is because the parole board may meet with the crime victim or representative. When an offender is considered for release the victim, guardian of the victim, or family member can appear in person before the board and read a statement about the offense and the effect of the offense on the victim.  

An organized and well thought out parole packet is designed to present the inmate in the best possible light.  Since it is uncommon for the Parole Board to grant interviews to the inmate, a well prepared packet is the only way to make an inmate's case for parole to the Board.

It is important to realize that in some cases the parole packet may be the only documentation the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has on file that does not reflect the offender negatively. would like to help you create a clear, organized, and well-written parole packet.  Our book, How To Prepare A Texas Parole Packet, provides step-by-step instructions on completing a comprehensive parole packet.   How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is filled with easy to understand explanations and forms with each section of the book. How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is available in printed form (which can be mailed to an inmate) or as a downloadable PDF.

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