Update on Hurricane Harvey Prison Evacuations

Brian Collier, Executive Director of Texas of Department of Criminal Justice, provided an update on Hurricane Harvey Texas prison evacuations.

Severe weather prompted the evacuation of nearly 6,000 inmates from five prisons (Vance Unit, Jester III Unit, Terrell, Stringfellow, and Ramsey I Unit).  Offenders from these units were moved to 19 different units across the state.

TDCJ also evacuated a half-way house in Corpus Christi, a treatment facility in Victoria, a half-way house in Houston, a half-way house in Beaumont, and a treatment facility in Beaumont.

TDCJ does not anticipate to evacuate any other prisons or facilities. Officials are assessing the property damage in the affected areas to determine a plan to make repairs.

Evacuated offenders are not eligible for visitation at the designated receiving units, but will have the ability to use the offender telephone system.

Family members of inmates may contact the department’s 24-hour hotline to get information about their relatives at 936-437-4927 or 844-476-1289.