West Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility To Close by June 2

The West Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility, located in Brownfield, Texas, will transfer all inmates to another unit and close its doors by June 2.

Warden Lepher Jenkins said Management Training Corporation, the private firm that contracts with the prison for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, will transfer the 270 inmates to the adjacent Rudd Unit. 

Other Texas facilities on the chopping block are the 500-bed Ware Unit in Colorado City, the Bartlett State Jail in Williamson County, and the Bridgeport Pre-Parole lockup northwest of Fort Worth.

State officials confirmed that more than 2,700 prison beds could be removed due to budget cuts, reducing the size of Texas’ prison system to about 145,000  approximately 10,000 less than its capacity just three years ago.

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