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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


Prisoner Information and Prisoner Parole Information and Status

We have had a number of people write to ask about a prisoner's parole information. Unfortunately, we don't provide that service here, but to help our loyal readers we have placed a link on the site. If you want to find out information about an offender including their location, parole status, release date, etc. on the Right side of our blog under the heading Site Links there is a link to TDCJ Offender Information. Clicking there will take you to the official website which allows you to research information aboutRead More

What does a Serve All from parole mean?

I've noticed a lot of people asking about what it really means when their loved one gets a "serve all" from the Texas Department of Pardons and Parole and whether it really means they have to do all of their sentence? It does not. A "serve all" is a short way of saying that the offender will not be approved for discretionary parole and must serve the sentence at least until their "short way". A short way is the date on which all of the actual time, good time, andRead More