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Mother’s Day in Prison

Spending Mother's Day in prison is pretty tough on both the mom inside as well as the kids on the outside. We urge you to visit the mom not only to help her keep her spirits up but also for

Sending Mail To An Inmate

The TDCJ encourages friends and family to write to incarcerated individuals. Writing letters can be an important way to maintain a close relationship.

Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents

While many Texas programs are designed to help incarcerated adults, very few programs address the  needs of children affected by the situation. Texas has a statewide program called Amachi Texas (pronounced uh-MAWCH'-ee).  Amachi Texas is designed to address the special

Summer Camp for Children of Incarcerated Parents

A major concern of incarcerated parents is the impact the time away from home will have on their children.  The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) released the results of a research project on children with incarcerated parents.  Research evidence shows