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The Difference Between Our Free Parole Book and Our Paid One

Just a quick note to point out the difference between our two parole books, Understanding the Texas Parole Process and How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, other than the price. Understanding the Texas Parole Process Understanding the Texas Parole

Lots and Lots of Bad Info and Scammers Out There

At we like to keep informed of what is going on both in the prison system and the things in the outside world that concern the people who are incarcerated along with their families. What we have seen is

Beware of Craigslist Ads for Parole Packet Preparation

We were just notified that someone has been using our book in an advertisement on Craigslist to promote them preparing a Texas parole packet. Please be advised that neither nor has authorized our publication to be used in any

Beware of the Websites Offering to Prepare Texas Parole Packets

We have always maintained here at that if you can afford a parole attorney it is a worthwhile investment.  However, we have started to see a number of websites popping up in which people offer to prepare parole packets for