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Anyone Interested in a Free Webinar on the Texas Parole System or Texas Parole Packets?

We are exploring the possibility of offering a short, online seminar (known as a webinar) to interested persons. It will be aimed at those who have purchased our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet although a purchase isn't going to be required to attend the webinar.

In the webinar we will cover the basics of the parole system in Texas as well as the purpose of a parole packet, the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Texas parole lawyer, and why preparing a parole packet is important.

The webinar will be free for all attendees.

If you are interested, please feel free to drop us a line at this email and we will start making a list and will advise you as to the schedule. Also, if there is something special you want covered, let us know in the email and we will try to add it to the list.

Latest Version of How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Just a quick note to let our readers know that anytime you order a copy of our book, whether it be through this website or Amazon and whether it is an eBook, a printed book, or the bundle containing both (and the printed book can be sent into a jail or prison since it comes directly from us, it is always the latest version.

As soon as we make any changes to the book we upload those changes to the various websites and print new copies. 

The version of How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet we are currently selling has "2014 Edition" on the cover. That's because the latest changes we made were in December, 2014. The first time we make changes in 2015 we will change the cover to reflect those changes. Also, we have edited the book repeatedly as new information is released, new guidelines are enacted, or we detect any kind of a change in the system. 

You can always be sure that when you order from us you are receiving the most updated version there is.

Still Time to Order Our Parole Book for Christmas!

The one thing that prisoners have is plenty of time and not enough to do to fill it. In addition, the holiday season is particularly hard since it really drives home the fact they are missing from their loved ones.

Since the TDCJ system severely restricts what can be sent to someone who is incarcerated there is no better gift (other than a deposit into their commissary account) than the printed copy of How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet!

The book goes into detail and provides examples of how to prepare a Texas parole packet for the greatest chances of making parole at the next review. An offender and their loved ones should begin preparing early so there is plenty of time to get the materials together as well as allowing plenty of thought and planning to go into the contents.

Orders that are placed now will go into the mail ASAP and should arrive at the unit in plenty of time for Christmas. In addition to the printed book, the digital copy will also be available for the person on the outside helping to prepare the packet.

Orders for the printed copy of this book can be made at this link.