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An Easy Way to Get Good Time Credit and Improve Chances of Texas Parole

Many offenders don't realize it but having a work assignment while incarcerated is not the only way to get good time credit. Another way is to take whatever classes are available through the unit where they are located.

Most of the units try to ensure that offenders who enter without a high school diploma take the classes and pass their GED test before they are released on parole. In fact, many paroles are delayed while the offender finishes the classes.

However, in addition to the GED, some units offer vocational and other classes.

Taking and completing these classes has a dual purpose. Not only does it provide the good time credits to allow an offender to make an early parole the classes also provide certificates and other documentation which can be used in the parole packet to show the offender has used their "time inside" constructively and provides additional materials that can help them stand out from the other parolees being considered for early release.

Of course, this topic and its importance is discussed in greater detail in our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet,  but as we have mentioned before the voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole only have a few minutes to spend on each file and we believe anything that helps a potential parolee to stand out from the others in a positive way can increase the chances of their making parole.

Many units have now been shut down and thus it would not be unexpected if the parole board reduces the number of paroles granted in the near future so it is once again extremely important to do everything possible so that the offender looks like a good candidate for success on parole. 

Also, we wanted to remind our readers that the book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available in both digital (PDF) format and as a bundle that includes both digital and printed form. The print copy of the book can be mailed to any address including to a prison unit so the incarcerated individual can assist in preparing their own packet. This not only makes the packet better but also gives them something to do while their liberty is still being restricted.

The books are updated as new information becomes available so you're sure that the copy you buy has the latest information we've released.

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