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Writing a Texas Parole Packet

Writing a Texas parole packet can be overwhelming since it is something we do not do all the time.  However, with a little planning you can create a successful parole package for your loved one.

Last year the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reported that 96,326 inmates were considered for parole and only 28,011 were approved.  That is a denial rate of 70.6%  with some board members denying up to 73.5% of parole requests.  Of the 28,011 approved paroles only 10,409 were allowed to be release when eligible, the others were required to complete either a rehabilitation or sex offender program which can add an additional 18 months to the wait period.

Our book, How To Prepare A Texas Parole Packet can help you create a strong parole package which demonstrates change in the offender and uses techniques that personalize them to the voting members of the parole board.  The book also explains how to emphasize that the inmate has demonstrated a positive change in behavior has occurred which will increase the chances of receiving a favorable vote from the parole members.

How To Prepare A Texas Parole Packet is designed to make your parole packet stand out from the rest, and with as little time as the parole board members have to review files, this can only help the chances

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