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Are Texas Parole Packets Hard to Do?

Over the years of working on this website we've been contacted by a number of people who are, for good reason, worried about their loved one making parole.

Almost every time the first problem with which they are concerned is the family doesn't have the funds to hire a parole lawyer and don't know how they can help with parole.

A parole packet is the best thing you, or anyone else, can do to help make parole.

Our calculations show that the average time spent on any one parolee by the members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole is just a few minutes, so isn't it important that they see something other than a police report and a mug shot?

Parole in Texas is different than in other states. For instance, it is extremely rare that a voting member of the Parole Board actually meets the person whose fate they are deciding. It doesn't work like the movies, there is no meeting where the people who cast the votes actually sit down and visit or interview with the potential parolee. All they see before they vote is what is contained in the file in front of them.

Making a parole packet isn't as hard as you would think, since what you are really doing is trying to get the parole board to see the prisoner as a person rather than a number and a mug shot.

There are a number of ways to do this, many of which are just common sense.

In our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, available as an ebook or as a bundle which includes the ebook and a printed copy (which can be mailed into the prison so the prisoner can assist in the preparation of the packet) we explain how the system works, the strategy we believe is effective in getting a positive parole vote, and exactly how to prepare a packet. The book includes forms, examples, as well as the latest statistics and addresses. We also include a copy of the pertinent laws, statutes, and rules for easy reference.

It's important that the prisoner do as much as possible to help with their parole and we offer tips in the book and throughout this website of steps they can take while incarcerated to increase their chances. However, it's important to start working on their parole as soon as they are incarcerated since last minute work isn't as effective as a well thought out plan that starts early and is followed until the person walks free!

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