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Parole Violations

After making parole, which is tough enough in Texas, a parolee has to contend with the ever present possibility of a parole violation. This article is to discuss the two type of parole violations which can result in parole revocation.

The first type of parole violation is what is known as an "Administrative Violation". These are also known as "Technical Violations" or a "technical" for short.

A technical violation is when someone has broken a condition of parole. This can be as simple as changing a home address without getting permission from the parole officer, failing to pay a fee, or testing positive for drugs. Usually the first "technical" will not result in a revocation but it certainly can. 

The second, and more serious, type of violation is one where the parolee is accused of committing another crime. A speeding ticket isn't enough to get a revocation but some other misdemeanors and all felonies would be. The decision on whether or not to issue a warrant for the parolee's arrest after he is charged with another crime rests with the parole officer but usually a "blue warrant" will be issued and the offender will sit in jail until the case is dismissed, pled, or a trial is conducted.  At that point, a parole revocation hearing can occur.

A violation, even a technical violation, can not only result in a revocation but will make it that much less likely that when the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole looks at the application they will allow a Texas parole to occur again and the topic must be addressed when applying for parole or when making a parole packet..

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