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What are SB 45 Cases?

Texas State Capital

Senate Bill 45 (SB 45) cases are certain specified serious offenses that require a special vote from the voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

What is the Parole Guidelines Score?

You will find answers to many of your questions in our books Understanding the Texas Parole Process and How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet.

The Parole Guidelines Score is a risk assessment assigned to every offender who is up for parole consideration. There are two components to the guidelines: Risk Assessment and Offense Severity.  The Risk Assessment is assigned a value based on: Age at first commitment to a juvenile or adult correctional facility; History of supervisory release revocations for felony offenses; Prior incarcerations; Employment history; Commitment offense; Current age; Whether the offender is a confirmed security threat group (gang) member; Educational, vocational, and certified on-the-job training programs completed during the present incarceration; Prison disciplinaryRead More

Filing a Grievance in the TDCJ Prisons

Grievance Process

While Texas does not have one of the best criminal justice systems in the country, at least in the belief of most Texas parole lawyers, the grievance process itself is actually reasonable. However, preparing the proper forms and meeting the filing deadlines will often result in reasonable resolutions to minor problems.

The Difference Between Texas Probation and Texas Parole

The Difference Between Texas Probation and Texas Parole

To understand the difference between probation and parole you only have to remember probation is only possible before someone is sentenced to actual prison time. After that, parole is the process whereby someone is released from actual incarceration.

Chances of Making Parole the First Time

The questions “What are the chances of making parole the first time?”, along with “How long until I get my first parole review?”, are probably the two questions most asked by people entering the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison system. Unfortunately, this is one of the few statistics which the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole do not provide in some form. However, take heart! As we discuss later, there are some general assumptions that can be made as well as some things that can be done to improveRead More