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Texas Attorney General to Probe Wrongful Conviction Case

Although we tend to take all statements from John Bradley, the Williamson County District Attorney with a grain of salt we are particularly skeptical when they address issues beneficial to a defendant.

However, we will try to set this skepticism aside for a moment.

It is reported that Bradley is saying the office of the Texas Attorney General is going to re-investigate a murder case that resulted in a wrongful conviction and sent an innocent man, Michael Morton, to prison  for a life sentence for murdering his wife. Earlier this month Morton was released from prison after serving over 24 years. The release was prompted by new DNA evidence which not only proved his innocence but also shows that whoever actually murdered Morton's wife may have also killed another woman in 1988.

Bradley also stated that he had urged county officials to cooperate with another investigation into the possibility that evidence was hidden to bolster the prosecution's case and assist in the conviction. While it is not know who is alleged to have hidden the evidence, the prosecutor in the case was Ken Anderson, now a District Judge in the 277th District Court in Williamson County.

Interestingly enough, Bradley is also the DA who fought for years to keep the bandana from being tested, winning the trial court and alter being reversed on appeal but ultimately costing Morton an additional 5 years in prison due to the delays in the  case.

Yet again Texas shows it's penchant for sending innocent men to prison. Luckily for Mr. Morton and his family this case didn't result in the death penalty.

The 25 year wrongful incarceration of Mr. Morton cost Texas taxpayers more than $400,000. Where are the conservatives who constantly decry wasteful government spending now?

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