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Another Effort To Privatize Prisons in Texas

Texas Prison Bid'ness, an excellent website keeping an eye on the private prison industry in Texas, has a good article at this link. They address the fact that Texas lawmakers once again tried to privatize more prisons, including one lawmaker who filed an amendment to a bill seeking private bids for all state jails. While the lawmakers (and do you want to bet that if you dig far enough there is some financial motive for their views?) tout how much more cost effective it would be, and it isn't, they ignore that the private prisons are hell holes for those incarcerated there as anyone who has been in them will tell you. In the Mineral Wells unit run by CCA drugs and violence are rampant and the turnover among guards ensure that it will remain that way.

Let your lawmakers know that the prisons should be run by the State and not some corporation concerned only with the profit they are making.

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