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Inmate Health Care Cut Again – Shame on Texas!

Starting September 1, the health care funding for inmates in the prison system in Texas will be cut by $ 75 million dollars.

According to statements by Brad Livingston, executive director of the Department of Criminal Justice, in Business Week, "Hospital and clinical care money is some $36 million less in the new budget, a 28 percent reduction, making it 'the biggest challenge … if for no other reason the magnitude of the cuts,' he said.

In addition, unit care and psychiatric care will have 12 percent fewer dollars and pharmacy costs are budgeted for 7.5 percent below current levels."

as anyone who has been in prison can tell you it is nearly impossible to see a doctor or dentist, more on that in a sec, and the medications given in the prison system are not the same as those prescribed by doctors on the outside.

"I was given a prescription for gout that my regular doctor took me off of years ago due to the side effects and it didn't work," one anonymous source told TexasParoleNow. "I had constant gout attacks during the 10 months I was inside, sometimes they were so bad I couldn't walk."

As to dentistry, look at how many people lost teeth while they are in prison. This is because even after a problem is spotted it can still take 6 months to a year to see a dentist and get treatments.

Another shame on you and a wag of the finger goes to the legislature for cutting education and vocational training by 45% ,yet still giving pay raises to Texas prison employees and Texas parole officers.

Yet another reason for working on those parole packets early and often, help your loved one from staying locked up!

2 Comments to Inmate Health Care Cut Again – Shame on Texas!

  1. We have had a family member die while incarcerate at Tulia.  He was 22 years old and died of Wilson's Disease.  When we would go to visit he would tells us that no one cared if they were sick or dying.  He suffered from sever migrains and would be denied layin for sick call.  They were offered flu shots and he went ahead and received it.  Shortly after he became extremely ill and jaundiced.  When he was finally allowed to see a physician he was already terminally ill.  They notified us and advised the he had 3 months to live.  His mother contacted several persons to obtain a medical release, so that he could come home and be with his family before he passed.  However, he only lasted 3 weeks and died before his mother and sister were able to get there to be with him.
    Another case, was a female prisoner at Gatesville who was kicked by a horse and had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured spelen.  She was not seen by a doctor for 24 hours and was only treated after she collapsed because she was bleeding internaly.
    Now my son is at Beto Unit and he suffers from hepitis C, back pain from prvious surgery, allergies, and psorisis.  He did not receive treatment until I called and spoke to the Director of Nurses regarding inapporpriaties of a memebe of her staff.  If they charge for medical services how are inmates going to pay for services?  My son is not even allowed to hold a job while incarcerated to earn any funds.  We are retired and are limited in what we can contribuite.  So will he die as my grandson died?  We don't expect carte blanche treatment, just humane treatment.  People treat animals better than they treat each other.  That is not the Christian way I was brought up.

    • Unfortunately, Texas is only concerned with locking people up, not treating them humanely.

      Tell your story everywhere you can and maybe someone will eventually listen.

      We wish you the best with your family and our prayers are with them.

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