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Latest Version of How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Just a quick note to let our readers know that anytime you order a copy of our book, whether it be through this website or Amazon and whether it is an eBook, a printed book, or the bundle containing both (and the printed book can be sent into a jail or prison since it comes directly from us, it is always the latest version.

As soon as we make any changes to the book we upload those changes to the various websites and print new copies. 

The version of How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet we are currently selling has "2014 Edition" on the cover. That's because the latest changes we made were in December, 2014. The first time we make changes in 2015 we will change the cover to reflect those changes. Also, we have edited the book repeatedly as new information is released, new guidelines are enacted, or we detect any kind of a change in the system. 

You can always be sure that when you order from us you are receiving the most updated version there is.

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