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Not Too Late for Christmas Delivery for Our Parole Book!

Send How To Prepare a Texas Parole Package for Christmas!

Not Too Late for Christmas Delivery!

We have an offer to hopefully brighten Christmas for those friends and/or loved ones currently incarcerated or facing prison time.

Although we only have a few printed copies left before we have to reprint…again (Thanks for all the support!. Our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, is used by not only loved ones but many lawyers have purchased the materials so they would have a book with the procedure and forms outlined and explained.

While Amazon, still has plenty of printed copies, we will be handling these few remaining copies on a rush schedule if you purchase the bundle directly from us. That means if you desire to send the printed copy to someone who is incarcerated we will process it on a RUSH basis to get it into the mail. WE will also send a Christmas letter to the incarcerated individual explaining that their book is on the way, that way if the mail is slow, you’re still okay.

While we can ship via a RUSH service, this is an extra charge and in our experience it doesn’t actually speed up delivery within the prison due to the hoops mail has to go through to get to an offender.

Regardless, this free expedited handling will be available through the following week.

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