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Best Tip for Making Parole in Texas

Being granted parole requires a combination of many different factors. The original crime and the facts involved can play a huge part as can the behavior while incarcerated. 

Of course, preparing a good parole packet can make a world of difference as well, as we discuss and give examples of in our book available both as an ebook for immediate download and as a bundle that includes the digital file as well as a printed copy that can be sent into the prison so that the prisoner can help with the preparation.

However, the most important thing that can be done to make parole is for the offender to distinguish themselves from the thousands of others that are applying at  the same time.

Despite what some Texas parole lawyers are apparently telling the families who hire them, Texas does not have a parole hearing like in the movies. The voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole don't visit the prisons in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, bring the prisoner in, and discuss why they would be a good choice for parole.

The votes are taken based solely on the contents of the file in front of the voting members as they sit in their office miles away from the actual prisons.

The way to increase the chances of making parole in Texas are for a prisoner to do a good parole packet, as we discuss in the book, and to be sure and include anything that will make their file catch the eye of the person who is about to vote on them. Any accomplishments, particularly those while in prison, are worth including. Certificates showing that classes have been completed are great. Support letters are also good and show that the prisoner has people on the outside who will help them obey any conditions of parole.

Our book contains a number of other tips, as well as forms and examples, demonstrating how the parole packet should look. But remember, be creative and make the packet stand out from the rest.

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  1. What will help if the imate is accused of domestic violence against his wife? She told him if he ever tried to leave she would put him in jail. He just wanted out but was scared to leave his son! She accused him of beating her after a night of drinking with his friends. He did not remember any of it!!!!!!!!!!
    What could help? I think they look at the charges & automatically slam the folder down & pass him by! He is a good guy! He is very laid back. U have known him since we were 10 years old!!!!! We are 38 & 39 years old

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