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Beware of the Websites Offering to Prepare Texas Parole Packets

We have always maintained here at that if you can afford a parole attorney it is a worthwhile investment. 

However, we have started to see a number of websites popping up in which people offer to prepare parole packets for you for a fee. Many of these state specifically that they are not attorneys and others hint that they have attorneys working there although from what we have seen that appears very unlikely.

These companies may do good work but as in all things you see on the internet be very, very careful. As the old saying goes Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware).

While some have testimonials on the website, there is no way to guarantee that they are from real customers. Nor are you able to know whether the person would have made parole anyway, whether the packet was done correctly and professionally, and whether it ever made it into the hands of the voting members.

There are many people out there who are perfectly willing to take advantage of a family who misses their loved one and it is very hard to check these type of places out before you invest the money and even harder to get the money back once you do so.

There are likely some attorneys out there who would be willing to just prepare the parole packet, but not actually sign on to represent the offender, for the same price as these places operating without an attorney on board.

We feel that the two best choices you can make in helping someone make a Texas parole are to either hire a Texas parole attorney or to prepare the parole packet yourself, either with our book or without.

No one will care as much as you do about getting your loved one home on parole and many people are only concerned about taking your money at a time when you likely can't afford to spend any more than you have to!

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