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Texas Parole Packet Information

There seem to be more and more websites popping up where they are offering to prepare a Texas parole packet to assist with getting a parole application approved.

This is raising a considerable question in my mind as to who is doing the work for these firms and exactly how good and, more importantly how effective, are the packets prepared by these services. has been online since 2009, although work on our book started well before that date. At one time we considered starting a service to prepare packets and then decided not to for a number of reasons, mainly that the time required to prepare a packet correctly and also to keep up on all the changes in the Texas parole system would be daunting and would price the product in the area where a parole attorney could be hired.

Also, we feel that anyone who has an actual interest in a person making parole can do a better job than any other non-attorney can. By using our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, with its forms and instructions you can do a better job than these other places who are just trying to make a quick buck off of a family that is already facing hardships.

In essence, a parole packet is simply a way to humanize the person seeking parole and to make the voting members of the parole board realize they are making a decision on a human's freedom rather than just voting based on a prison record, information submitted by law enforcement, and a mug shot (which is always awful).

A good parole packet has a variety of information in it including support letters, all with a specific reason for being in there, records of the offender which demonstrate the good side of them, and certain other materials which can convince the parole board that the person is likely to obey all rules and successfully complete their term of parole.

Before investing money with a company that does not have a parole attorney on staff to prepare the parole packet we hop you will consider doing it yourself.

No one cares about your loved one making parole as much as them and you.

For forms, instructions, and tips to help you be effective we hope you will consider our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, available as an ebook, or as a bundle consisting of an ebook and a printed copy. The printed copy can be mailed to you or can be sent to the person who is incarcerated. By sending a printed copy to them they can assist in the preparation of their packet and, in addition, it helps them to pass the time while they are away from home. We also have the printed copy available by itself through at this link. The advantage to buying through this website rather than Amazon is that the ebook format allows you to cut and paste the forms directly to the word processor saving you both time and effort.

In addition to the book on preparing the parole packet, we also offer a free e-book available for instant download, Understanding the Texas Parole Process, which explains how the system works in Texas. This book does not provide information on how to prepare the parole packet but it does provide some tips on things the person can do while incarcerated which will help them make parole when the time comes. We offer this book as a service to the families and because most of the material out there is either wrong, outdated, or hard to understand.

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