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Getting Your GED While Incarcerated

GEDWindham School District (WSD) provides a GED preparation program for inmates seeking to obtain their GED while incarcerated and is available for any qualified inmate in a Texas county or state jail or prison at no charge.

When inmates enter TDCJ they are tested to determine their academic level.  Inmates are then placed in educational program based on their Individualized Treatment Plan, which outlines education services for the offender.    Inmates are taught the skills needed to prepare for the GED test.  Classes are typically three hours a day and follow a specific curriculum of academic classes.

Once the classes are complete an inmate may apply to take the exam for a high school equivalency certificate (GED).

A certificate for a GED can then be used in an inmate's parole package as an accomplished goal.  In addition, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles is known for requiring that a GED be completed before parole will be granted. 

Achieved goals are looked upon favorably by the voting members of the parole board.   Our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a parole packet including how to best present the accomplishment of obtaining the GED and other goals attained while incarcerated.  It is available as a printed copy (book) which can be sent to an inmate in the Texas prison system or an instant download. 


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