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Restoring Gun Rights and Voting Rights After a Felony Conviction – New Book Now Available!

Our second ebook  is now available and is on sale for a limited time for $21.95, marked down from the normal price of $29.95. 

Two of the most common questions that a person convicted of a felony has is when they can vote and can they own a gun? This book, "A 50 State Guide to Restoring Your Rights After a Criminal Conviction", answers these questions and provides not only valuable information but also links to where additional information can be located.

Reading this book, as opposed to listening to rumors and myths from friends, will provide up to date information on how the states and federal systems allow or prevent someone from voting and/or owning a gun. This is particularly important in Texas, where guns and hunting are a way of life.

Of course, our first book, "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package" is still available and now is in Version 6, including forms and instructions allowing a person to prepare a parole packet without an attorney. The ebook is available for instant download, or in both digital and a printed format. We can even ship the printed copy to the prisoner in the Texas Department of Corrections.

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