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Increase Chances of Parole

Texas Parole Package

Most people with a loved one in prison struggle with their finances anyway and with the economy the way it is then it makes life even harder.

There are some things that can be done to make the Texas prison sentence shorter, and make getting Texas parole more likely.

1) Stay out of trouble while in prison. Yes, some of the guards are asses and yes, some other prisoners are too, but the guards have all the power and at least a few of the other prisoners don't care if they get out or not, or their sentences are so long that they aren't concerned about getting a write up. However, avoiding any reports or losing good time is the first thing a prisoner in the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) should do to make parole in Texas.

2) Take as many classes as possible. There are a lot of different classes available while in prison. Every time one is taken and completed a certificate is given or, at least, a notation is made in the file. Taking these does two things. First, it helps pass the time there and the time spent in class is time that the offender is not somewhere that could get him into trouble. Second, every time a class is taken that is noted in the record and a certificate is usually given. These can be used in the parole packet to show that the offender has tried to use the time inside constructively.

3) Hire a parole lawyer, if possible. This one is self explanatory.

4) If you can't afford a parole lawyer, put together a parole packet yourself, working with the offender on the inside. Our theory is that any package is better than none. Even if it is just a letter from a loved one with some pictures of the family, that humanizes the offender at least a little and increases the chances of parole. Of course, we think that our book "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package" is worth the price, since it gives you forms and examples and makes it easier to put this packet together both quickly and effectively. It is available as a download, which allows you to cut and paste the portions you need into a word processor. Ir is also available in a combination package of both a printed version, which we will ship to the offender in prison, and a download for you so that both can be working on it.

Parole is possible, and likely  even more possible with the budget cuts that are going into effect, as long as the proper steps are taken.

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