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Conditions of Parole

We've received a few questions asking about the different conditions that can be placed on a person when they are released on parole. Keep in mind that each case is different and there can be other, case specific conditions than the ones listed below.   Below is a list of the standard conditions of parole.  We cannot answer specifically what conditions apply to a parolee because each case is different.   However, the list should provide a general idea of the typical parole conditions: Report regularly to parole officer; ObtainRead More

A Nice Surprise from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

I have had the pleasure of meeting several of the judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) and they actually are quite nice, completely at odds with their "kill 'em all and imprison what's left" approach to the law. Sharon Keller is particularly pleasant, although her actions on the Court are too heinous to justify. HOWEVER, even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. In the case of Ex Parte Evans, available on Google Scholar, the court upheld a trial court's finding in a Habeas proceedingRead More