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The Most Important Part of a Parole Packet in Texas

As we point out in our book, "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package" , (also available here in a package which includes both the eBook and a printed version which can be mailed to someone in prison), the most important part of a parole packet is the pictures. 


The parole board members only have a few minutes to make a decision on who will be granted parole. When you run the numbers it appears that if they spend all of their time at work looking at files, no bathroom breaks, no lunch, no talking on the phone or hanging out with co-workers, then they have somewhere in the neighborhood of three minutes per file. Of course, we all know that they don't sit at their desks eight hours a day so the actual time spent on each file is less than that and likely whet happens is they look at the summary provided by the interviewers who speak to the prisoners and then glance at the file before rendering their decision.

A well prepared packet with pictures can make the chances of a parole in Texas much higher, perhaps even on par with your chances if you hire a Texas parole attorney.

However, be careful in what pictures are included. Nothing that shows the offender engaging in illicit activities or in a group shot with people engaging in illicit activities. No photos of them wearing a shirt with pot leaves on it, holding a beer, etc. We feel that photos of them at work, holding an award, or with family are best.

You want to remove that potential parolee from being a file and a number, to being a person with a loving family and friends at home waiting on them.

Of course, a good Texas parole packet contains much more than just pictures, but that is discussed in more detail in our book, which also has examples of the forms used.

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