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The Most Important Part of a Texas Parole Packet

Some Texas parole lawyers believe that the support letters are the most important part but many disagree with that and we here at think that the statistics alone indicate that support letters are important, but not the most important part.

What are the most important parts of a Texas parole packet?

We believe it is the pictures. We discuss it in more detail in our e-book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, available for immediate download at

The reason for this is simple…time.

The Texas parole system doesn't work like other states. There is no parole hearing where an offender gets to sit down and meet with the people who will be voting on his parole. Instead, the parole is decided based on the file that is in front of each voting member. As we discussed in another post, the incarcerated person meets with a person, but not the voting member, from the Texas Parole Board a month or more in advance to see if anything is missing from the file or if the information in the file is correct. The employee then prepares a report and places it in the file for review.

Unfortunately, when you actually do the math and look at the number of paroles considered and the number of voting members of the parole board, the figures tell you that, at most, there are only a few minutes available to look at each file…and that doesn't include if the voting members do anything other than sit there for 8 hours a day looking at files (and you know they don't spend 8 hours a day doing that).

That's where pictures come in. Most files contain only typed pages, most from the police, prison, and DAs office and the only photos are the mug shots or the photos taken when the prisoner first enters the prison system (and everybody looks awful in those photos).

Photographs of the prisoner and his family during happier times, of them at work or play, and in their normal life help humanize the potential parolee and change them from just a criminal to a real person and will allow the voting member to get to know the prisoner a little better.

However, photographs can also be a detriment if you use the wrong kinds. For more information on what types of photos to use as well as other important information on preparing a Texas parole packet we hope you'll consider purchasing our e-book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, available for immediate download at We offer two versions of the book, one is a digital download and the other is a bundle which includes a printed copy that can be mailed to the prisoner so they can assist in preparing their parole packet.

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