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What is Parole in Texas?

We have been running this website for a couple of years now and just realized that we have covered some details of what is involved in the parole process, as well as publishing the eBook  "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package" (also available here in a package which includes both the eBook and a printed version which can be mailed to someone in prison) which includes forms and examples, but just realized we have never really discussed exactly what a parole from the Texas prison system is.

After being found guilty, and even while serving time in jail while waiting for trial or a plea date, most offenders begin accumulating credits toward an early release from prison. These credits, usually referred to as "good time credits", are a combination of flat time, work credits, and credits for not getting into any kind of trouble while incarcerated. In order to be considered (or "come up") for parole a combination of all these credits must equal 25% of the actual sentence. In other words, a prisoner who is sentenced to 4 years is eligible to be considered for parole when all of his credits equal one year. 

Being granted parole, even for first time offenders, is not mandatory and if it is not approved they come up for consideration again a little later, usually at a "set off" date.

What this formula tells us is that it is important for the prisoner to 1) get involved in either work or an educational program through the system since both of those count toward the work credit and "good time, 2) stay out of any kind of trouble, and 3) make the best effort to let the parole board know why the prisoner should be considered as a good risk for letting out of prison on parole.

This last one is where our book can help.


Many of us can't afford a lawyer to help a loved one with parole, but we still want them to have a fair shot at parole in Texas. That's the reason we developed "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package", written by a psychology professional and a former attorney.

The book is now available through  and contains complete and easy to follow directions and forms to help prepare a Parole Presentation Package. It is available as an eBook for instant download, or in printed form.   For someone working on a parole package for an incarcerated loved one we suggest the  eBook version as it is less expensive and can be downloaded instantly. If you are ordering it and need it sent into a prison for someone, we will ship the printed version to the prison of your choice, but be sure and provide the person's name, TDC #, Unit and Unit Address. The printed version includes an eBook for instant download so you can have a copy as well.

The forms and instructions are designed to make your parole packet stand out from the rest, and with as little time as the parole board members have to review files, this can only help the chances.

Texas Parole Package

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