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When It Comes to Making Parole, Something Beats Nothing

how to prepare a texas parole packetThe most common reason for not submitting a parole packet in support of someone in prison seeking parole is that the person "didn't think they could do it".

The simple fact is that something beats nothing when it comes to making parole.

One of the reasons we offer our free e-book, Understanding the Texas Parole Process, is so that anyone who wants to take the time to download it (and there are a lot of people taking advantage of the offer) will at least understand how the process works and that will help them at least a little.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire a Texas parole lawyer which is, of course, the best solution if you have someone in prison who is trying to make parole. Since the lawyers don't offer a money back guarantee, many people just don't want or can't afford to take a chance on spending $2500 or more to hire a parole attorney to prepare the packet.

Our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, goes into detail about presenting the potential parolee in the best light and includes instructions, forms, and example so that anyone who wants to do a Texas parole packet themselves can certainly do so. 

However, even if a person chooses not to hire a lawyer or not to buy the book, they can still send letters of support to the parole board, pictures of the person when they are not in prison showing that they have a family that loves them and perhaps even a letter from an employer assuring the voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole that the offender has a job waiting for them on their release.

When the member of the parole board votes, they have the file available to them filled with information from the prison, the police, and the District Attorney so almost anything that a family member can send in support of their loved one increases the likelihood that they will receive a favorable vote.

Of course, we give specific examples in the book as to what we think works best and why, but everyone should have the time to at least write a letter explaining why they believe their loved one should make parole.

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