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Williamson County DA, John Bradley, Defeated in Primary

While we try to stay out of politics on except as it relates directly to parole and prison issues we are going to break our own rule this once and say Yay!

John Bradley, a pompous ass at best and a prosecutor that, like so many, forgot that his duty is to see that justice is done was defeated in the Republican primary.

Many people will remember Bradley for two reasons, both of which are a black eye on the justice system.

The first would be his role in fighting to keep evidence from being DNA tested in the case of Michael Morton, a man who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Eight or more of those years can be directly attributed to Bradley's fighting against allowing a bandana to be tested for DNA. Whether this was just because he is an ass or whether it was an attempt to keep covering the ass of former Williamson County DA and now judge, Ken Anderson has yet to be determined.

Bradley is also known for being a lapdog of Rick Perry's and when appointed to the Forensic Science Commission he immediately began working hard to shut down the commission's efforts to look into the flawed arson expert testimony in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, a(nother) man put to death for a crime that it is likely he didn't commit.

While we obviously have strong feelings about Mr. Bradley, even if we didn't know him it is obvious that a man with the inability to follow the tenets of his vocation, which is not to convict everyone even if they are innocent, should not be in such a position of power. We're sure that Governor Perry will find a position in state government for a lackey such as Bradley but in the meantime it is refreshing to see someone who is responsible for such injustices get at least a little comeuppance.

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