Comments on the Blog – SPAMmers don’t bother

We love comments and emails from the readers here but I wanted to add a note. We are deluged with obvious SPAM comments. Not only are the people doing this hurting themselves because Google now penalizes you for this, but I delete these comments so please stop wasting your and my time. SPAM comments will be deleted without ever being posted so you get no benefit.

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Lawyer X
Lawyer X is the pen name of a former attorney who now spends all of his time writing and consulting. While in practice he was involved in both criminal and civil trials across the United States, including picking or helping to pick juries in hundreds of civil and criminal cases. In addition to his work as a trial lawyer, Lawyer X wrote articles, lectured at continuing legal education seminars, and was active in the legal community in many ways. He maintains anonymity now so that he can provide knowledge from inside and express honest opinions and viewpoints that other members of the legal community would just as soon weren't shared.