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File Parole Packets Soon!

If you have a loved one coming up for parole be sure and get your parole packets in soon!

Statistics show us that the voting members of the parole board only spend a few minutes, on average, reviewing the parole applications that come before them and we can assume that since there are even less working days for the next coupe of months that 1) they will spend even less time and 2) that will continue through the first part of the year since a backlog likely develops during the holiday season.

With even less time to look at the parole packets it becomes even more important that you do a first class job in putting the packet together. We always recommend that you hire a parole attorney, like the ones that advertise on this site, if you can. Unfortunately, the economy puts this out of the reach of many people.

If finances are tight and you can't afford a lawyer then we ask that you take a look at our e-book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package. It is available for instant download and, if you want to send a special present to the prisoner, we can even send a printed copy to any inmate in the Texas prison system who is looking at a parole in Texas.

Order early and start work on the packet!

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