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3g Offenses and Why They Matter

In Texas, the date of theoretical parole eligibility depends primarily on whether the offense is "3g or non 3g". So what does the term 3g mean? 3g is a shorthand way of saying that an offense is considered aggravated under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 42.12 (3) (g). The crimes under this section are: Capital Murder, Murder, Indecency with a Child by Contact, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Sexual Assault, Injury to a Child, Injury to an Elderly Person, Injury to a Disabled Individual, Sexual Performance by a Child,Read More

Are You Working on the Parole Packet?

Texas is working hard to shut prisons and grant paroles. There are more empty beds in TDC than there have been in years and, thank God, it looks like the Dawson State Jail will finally be shut down. That place is awful. There are less prisoners because of the terrible budget situation Texas finds itself in and that isn't likely to change for a while. This situation means that the time is perfect to apply for parole if some time and care is taken to do a good parole packet.Read More

Victim’s Objection to Parole

Something that we believe is a significant contributor to the denial of many paroles is when the "victim" is contacted and indicates that they object to the granting of parole. It appears, although no specific numbers are available, that if an objection is lodged then at least the first parole application will be denied. Most Texas parole lawyers agree with this concept, but it is an area over which they have little or no control. When putting together the Texas parole packet, as described in our book How to PrepareRead More

Be Careful What Is In the Texas Parole Packet

One of the ways in which having a Texas parole lawyer can help is that the professional can take an objective look at the materials and know what should, and more importantly should not, be in there. As our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package (available as an ebook and in print), points out, a major function of the parole packet is to help the voting members of the parole board able to see the offender as a person rather than just as a mug shot, aRead More

Best Tip for Making Parole in Texas

Being granted parole requires a combination of many different factors. The original crime and the facts involved can play a huge part as can the behavior while incarcerated.  Of course, preparing a good parole packet can make a world of difference as well, as we discuss and give examples of in our book available both as an ebook for immediate download and as a bundle that includes the digital file as well as a printed copy that can be sent into the prison so that the prisoner can help withRead More

Texas Parole Lawyer – Necessary or Not

The Texas parole system is different than most states and different than what you see in the movies or on television, or at least the part concerned with whether or not to grant a parole to an inmate in the Texas prison system. For starters, there are three voting members of each board deciding whether or not a parole is granted in Texas. However, only two members vote unless they disagree and only then does the third member vote. In addition, there is no hearing where the inmate, witnesses, and/orRead More

Why Parole Packets Are Important for Texas Paroles

A good parole packet can be the difference between making parole in Texas and having to do more time in the Texas prisons. However, many people are discouraged because they can't afford a Texas parole attorney and don't think they can do the work themselves but luckily they are incorrect. While if you can afford a Texas parole lawyer then by all means hire one (especially one supports us providing important information by advertising on here!) but if you can't afford the expense then your loved one still has hope.Read More

Give Them Something To Look Forward To During The Hot Months

The temperatures in the units are climbing now and I'd be willing to bet that they started topping 100 degrees in units like Gurney in early May.  Although you get a half hour or so of rec time, usually, in the units other than that and school there isn't much to do or look forward to other than "making store" for those lucky enough to have family put money on their books. The only other bright spot is the possibility of making parole and getting out sooner. As we discussedRead More

Can I Do A Parole Packet Myself?

Look, if you can afford a Texas parole attorney then by all means you should hire one. Texas parole lawyers are trained in the law, have a system in place to do the parole packets, know what needs to so into a support letter, and know how the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice work. If you have the financial means then we encourage you to hire a lawyer to help you, preferably one who support this website with their ads. However, theRead More

The Most Important Part of a Texas Parole Packet

Some Texas parole lawyers believe that the support letters are the most important part but many disagree with that and we here at think that the statistics alone indicate that support letters are important, but not the most important part. What are the most important parts of a Texas parole packet? We believe it is the pictures. We discuss it in more detail in our e-book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, available for immediate download at The reason for this is simple…time. The Texas paroleRead More