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New Texas Parole Numbers Offer Encouragement

According to the Austin American Statesman, the latest figures on the rate of release on parole in Texas indicate that it has "surged" from a low of 27% in October, 2010 to a current level which in March reached nearly 60%.

While a number of different things factor into this, including many sex offenders being released on parole just before they complete their sentence, a decline in recidivism rates due to post release community programs, and others, we here at believe that the reduction in the state budget also had a significant effect, just as we predicted.

However, a rate of 60% approval still means 40% are being denied so it is important that you either hire a Texas parole lawyer, hopefully one who advertises with us, or that you prepare a good Texas Parole Packet, like the ones in our ebook discussed below.


A Note:

People ask us "When is the time to start preparing a Texas parole packet?" Most of you know that a parole packet or a parole presentation package is a collection of documents and pictures sent to the Texas parole board to help them get to know the potential parolee a little better. This is particularly important in Texas since there is not an interview nor does the offender ever meet with an actual member of the parole board who will be voting.

Our answer as to when to start is always the same. 


There are many reasons for this, but the main thing to remember is it is better to have the information and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Many times it takes much longer to get the information together than you would think and people are forced to submit packets without all of the materials. When you are trying for parole in Texas you need every bit of help you can get.

We discuss the various parts of the packet in our eBook, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, available as a download which can then be used to prepare the packet or as a download and printed copy. As a bookstore, we can mail the printed copy to a prisoner at his unit or directly to you. By all means, if you can afford a parole attorney, hire one, but if you can't, our low priced eBook will help you to do the best job possible.

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