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Can I Do A Parole Packet Myself?

Look, if you can afford a Texas parole attorney then by all means you should hire one. Texas parole lawyers are trained in the law, have a system in place to do the parole packets, know what needs to so into a support letter, and know how the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice work. If you have the financial means then we encourage you to hire a lawyer to help you, preferably one who support this website with their ads.

However, the simple reality is that many people just cannot afford an attorney's fees and are struggling just to pay bills but they really need to make sure that their loved one who is doing time in a Texas prison has the best chance at a parole.

That;s why we developed our ebook, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package. As we've mentioned before, in Texas an offender doesn't have the chance to meet with the people who are going to vote on his parole so all they see is what the DA and prison sends them and whatever is contained in a parole packet.

Is it easy to put together a good parole packet? It actually is not that hard so long as you understand how the system works and what is important and the book explains all of that to you.

Does it take a lot of time? It does take some time to do an effective package, but not as much as many people think. One thing to consider doing, if you'e decided to take on the job yourself, is to buy the bundle that we sell which includes an ebook that you can immediately download and begin working on as well as a printed copy that we can send to someone in prison. That way the both of you can coordinate your efforts and the prisoner also has something to do that is productive and passes the time.

Anyone can prepare an effective parole packet, even without our book and without a lawyer, it just takes longer and may not be as focused and effective.

To sum this up, if you can afford to hire a lawyer then do so, if you can't then we hope that you will consider our ebook and use it and the information contained on this website to help you in preparing a Texas parole packet and hopefully making your loved one's stay in the Texas prison system as short as possible.

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